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The Trayvon Martin case: Why Frank Taaffe is as scary as George Zimmerman

April 3, 2012

UPDATE 07/22/2012, please see end of post, as well as the new post.

Okay reader, this post is going to be so far from my usual subject matter that even my one and only may not read it. However, it does relate to science in the media as the subject matter covers sociological issues that are finally being highlighted since the tragedy of Trayvon Martin’s death.  Anyway, I simply must get something off my chest regarding this case that has deeply disturbed me. And I think my worry about this thing stands regardless of whether charges are ever filed against Zimmerman and/or whether he’s convicted.

That thing is otherwise known as Frank Taaffe, friend and defender to George Zimmerman.

Taaffe appeared on the scene a few days after the Trayvon Martin story hit the mainstream media. His job? To throw on a cheap jacket and present himself to every news crew that would have him in an attempt to paint Zimmerman as a “stand-up guy”. Some, like Zimmerman, might see virtue in Taaffe’s steadfast support of his friend. To me, however, he was the herald of a horrible revelation…a representaton of a widespread and deeply ingrained belief system that not only judges people by their race, but also sees nothing wrong with it. In other words, until Taaffe burst in front of the TV cameras, there was perhaps some teeny tiny glimmer of hope that Zimmerman was a lone-wolf racial profiler; an aberration in what was reported to be an “integrated” community. Instead, Taaffe has been demonstrating quite clearly that Zimmerman lived safely nestled within a culture that sees nothing whatsoever wrong with racial profiling.

The first time I had the distinct displeasure of seeing Taaffe on television, he was spouting off about how the shooting of Travyon Martin had nothing to do with race, but that:

“…this is a perfect storm. Once again there are documented crimes in our neighborhood that have been perpetrated by one group of young black males.”

What leaves me incredulous is that Taaffe doesn’t see that he cannot claim that Zimmerman’s actions nothing to do with race while then indicating that Zimmerman’s actions were prompted by alleged burglaries committed, allegedly, by black males. Even worse, his comments strongly indicate that Taaffe and Zimmerman had had a prior conversation or two about these “young black males”. In general, Taaffe seems blissfully unaware of the contradictions in his own statements, claiming that;

“George [Zimmerman] is a congenial, amiable, admirable person,” he said. “He had a passion and a care for this neighborhood to ensure the safety of everybody here…”

Apparently, Taaffe does not consider 17-year old black children in the neighborhood to be worthy of Zimmerman’s “passion and care”, as he goes on to say of Zimmerman:

“I think he had fed-up issues. He was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore.”

Taaffe seems almost proud of his buddy Zimmerman for his anger issues. And he should know, because as time has marched on and Taaffe has continued his media quest, you can see him progressively radiating anger. In this interview with Nancy Grace, he is petulant, defensive, and extremely angry. His face is beet-red by the end of the interview, as Nancy Grace dares to question his statements. Meanwhile, Daryl Parks, a lawyer for the Martin family, shows admirable restraint in listening quietly while Taaffe pontificates. In contrast, the instant Parks begins to speak Taaffe starts yelling and cuts him off.

Now that my reader is up-to-date on Taaffe’s “perfect storm” in the media, I am going to attempt to explain why I think he is every bit as disgusting as Zimmerman himself.  Zimmerman’s actions, which I believe to be contemptible and indefensible regardless of what happens in a grand jury room, could for a brief moment be viewed (admittedly naïvely)  as the work of an angry, ignorant, and cowardly individual. What Taaffe did was to kick the door open on how widespread Zimmerman’s thinking actually is. He is representative of what many in the community obviously believe, which is that you’re not a racist if you think “young black males” walking look suspicious, as long as some other “young black males” have committed some sort of crime nearby. Most terrifying is that Taaffe states these views consistently and repeatedly, and he sees nothing wrong with it.  He is a window into the soul of many Americans, even now, even in 2012.

One final note. I saw a post on Facebook today that said something to the effect of, “Anyone who refers to themselves as a ‘neighborhood watch captain’ should be admitted to a psych ward regardless of any crimes they committed”. I tend to agree. The leader of our neighborhood watch is named Beryl. She is approximately 115 years old and does not suffer fools gladly. Her secret weapon for neighborhood harmony?  The tater tot casserole. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, despite the fact that there have been several burglaries, a hostage situation involving a machete,  and a stolen car in my neighborhood over the past two years.

Thank you, reader, for allowing me to get that off of my chest.

UPDATE 07/22/12

Hello reader. If you have been following the comments section, you are aware that I had posts from  Vincent Taaffe (Frank Taaffe’s son), as well as Frank Taaffe himself.  After considering some of the accusations being made by both of them, I have chosen to delete the comments at this time. It seems that there is a great deal of strife in the Taaffe family and I do not want exacerbate the situation in even a small way.

With that said, if Frank Taaffe would like to address the content of my original blog post while omitting any jabs at his son or any other family members, he is welcome to do so.

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  1. You’ve been doing a lot of self-therapy lately. I feel that you have issues yourself :-p

  2. Autismum permalink

    “He was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore.”
    Do you think Taaffe watched the movie, Network, recently?

    • What goes on in Taaffe’s head is a mystery to me. I imagine it to be full of rocks, but maybe some old movies are rattling around in there as well.

    • Marje permalink

      Frank is a man with a racist way of speaking and should never have taken up the cause for George. He has said things on tv that show he is a bigot. I think you can be fed up and not want to take it any more without being a racist. If it happens to be black teens that are doing the crimes in your neighborhood what do you do? Do you look for white teens instead. George mentored black kids, took a black girl to prom, has black friends and even a teacher who is black showed support for him by calling out hi George in court. Does that count for anything at all? Don’t judge George by Frank.

      • Well, we agree on one thing. Frank Taaffe should never have been on television.

        • Frank Nassi permalink

          Please take me off your list unsubscribe me please!

          Sent from my iPhone

        • You have to unsubscribe yourself, Frank. I have no control over it. Google “unsubscribe from WordPress blog” for instructions.

      • Elvis Presley permalink

        have any of you bleeding-heart liberals ever heard Miss Ali on the Dr. Drew show? She makes Frank look like a bishop! This is why I hate liberals, it’s okay for Shaprton or Ali or Melissa Harris Perry to say racial shit but not for anyone else!

    • He is older enough to have it on 8-track… lol

      • Elvis Presley permalink

        Still smarter than you are? You’ll get old one of these days too and you will still be ignorant, I can tell

      • sonofthunder boarnerges permalink

        Try Betamax, 8-tracks were for audio only.

        • Uhhh… Whoever you are get your own moniker. This one is reserved. And BTW Tony was right. 8-tracks were per-recorded. No one could record on them unless they were a recording studio. What makes you think Tony was talking about a “video”? If you are going to try and imitate me try to be more pedantic.

  3. Chris permalink

    Checkt this out. Frank Taafes mugshot for an arrest in 1999. I Taate stated in a recent interview (posted on CNN’s website) that he is currently 55 years old.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your comment, Chris. It does not surprise me that Taaffe apparently has a history of violence. He is an angry, angry man.

    • Deb permalink

      and he is not living in reality!! He compared Zimmerman to Bernie Goetz, not even flippin close!!!! Mr Taafee is ignorant, ignorant man.

  4. kelli permalink

    Thank you for that article. Mr. Taaffe is a joke. Did you see when he said to Nancy Grace……”Thank you for having me back, I wore my favorite tie.” And on Jane Valez Mitchell he said…….”Thank you Jane for having
    me back on the show, I missed you.” He really makes me sick. I really wish these shows would just tell him his fifteen minutes is up and quit putting him on tv.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your comment, Kelli. I haven’t seen much TV lately as I’m traveling, so thanks for the update. I keep thinking Taaffe will go away, but he just keeps following the cameras and flapping his jaws. He is such an ignoramus and he’s enjoying his 15 minutes a little too much.

    • He is ignorant. Then he states, “Your still my hero.” I thought Nancy would was going choke. She rolled her eyes and looked at him like he was dirt under her shoes. He was arrested for DUI a few weeks ago and Shellie Zimemrmans mom was also arrested for having prescription drugs in her system a few days ago. What a family! What a friend! Such liars.

  5. michanth permalink

    Taaffe…..just like Taffy, keeps pulling and stretching…the story of course. I wasn’t there, don’t know what happened. Appears Zimmerman had issues long before this killing. Unfortunately I think if it wasn’t Trayvon, it would of been some other innocent kid. Now back to Taaffe…this guy is a fruitcake. I wonder if he realizes how much of an idiot he sounds like to the public. He tries to act smart (notice he continues to look at notes he has taken out of law books, magazines, newspapers, police reports, etc.. and quotes them), None of his own words. Which is probably a good think as it would be worse.
    Talk about wanting attention…give me a break Taaffe. You are simply put….a very bored ignorant little man.

    • I could not agree more. I don’t think the guy has a clue how people outside of his insular little world view him.

    • Don’t beliieve a word of it! He was around. He is the one who contacted GZ because he saw TM run by his home. TM’s body was found right by his home. Coincidence?I cannot wait until the prosecution releases the phone records of GZ and we find out who he contacted in February and March. It will be interesting to say the least.

      • Stan permalink

        I think he is a suspect as well. Remember, according to Trayvon’s girlfriend Dee Dee….Trayvon told her that some old man keeps following him. Someone with Grey hair would appear to be an old man to a 17 year old. Something to think about.

      • Sarah Allbright permalink

        How do you know Taaffe called Zimmerman. Not that it would surprize me. I see them both being racist. After Taaffe referred to Rachel Jeantel as Precious. He pissed me off.

        • Taaffe’s a pig, plain and simple. His family members have told me several times that he is a bona-fide racist and that pretty much the entire family has disowned him.

        • Sharon Thompson permalink

          THANK YOU SARAH I heard that vulgar comment & was stunned his mic wasn’t cut straight away. You speak the truth….God Bless You & RIP Treyvon Martin

        • Elvis Presley permalink

          Miss Jeantel is a fucking moron and I’ll bet she doesn’t make it to 30

  6. michanth permalink

    Forgot to add, I think it was Taaffe who was behind the webpage, I also think he is the one giving his killer friend bad advise…call prosecutor, don’t talk to your own attorneys, etc.. Taaffe thinks he is smarter than anyone who thinks, but all he is doing is mudding up what is already a mudpit.

  7. Leah williams permalink

    Frank Taffee is a complete and total idiot. Nancy Grace has him on her show just to bat him around. he is a wanna be in the limelight jerk and I hope his testimony under oath defending Zimmerman comes across just as pathetic as he is. Shut up Frank.

    • Yes, I noticed that our friend Frank was whining today because he feels the prosecutor had a smug look on her face when the charges were announced. Frank should look in the mirror; he is self-righteous smugness personified.

  8. Darren Anderson permalink

    Frank Taaffe is a biggoted jerk! He’s an arrogant jerk who has issues with “young black males.” He is going to bury George Zimmerman!!! Frank Taaffe needs to shut up!!!

    • He’s not helping Zimmerman, that’s for sure. Actually, in that case, I think Taaffe should keep talking. ;)

      • Sarah Allbright permalink

        I agree with you on that one. I bet someone from the prosecution team is watching TV at night and seeing whats being said.

    • I have been listening to the 911 calls and the tapes on Youtube by a young man named Trent Sawyer. I believe that GZ had several accomplices that night. They may have not pulled the trigger, but they were there. Frank Taaffe is one of them. I believe he called GZ that night who is a liar of course. They were on patrol that night and FT contacted GZ when he first spotted TM. GZ drives over, tries to detain TM and a fight erupted. GZ shoots him. Everythiing that GZ states that TM stated, is what he stated. He projected his own words on TM. All of the evidence regarding cell and moblile phone records have been sealed and I know that The Clubhouse tapes have been viewed over and over along wtih the 911 calls. I hope the prosecution has been able to identify the voices that are heard in GZ’s truck and the pictures that are on the banks tapes as well. GZ needs to come clean about his acciomplices. The proescution is not saying anything about what evidence they have but I bet it is a lot. If amateurs can come up with this evidence which sould be looked into, I can just imagine what the prosecution has come up with. I have tried to keep an open mind about this case but FT has run his mouth and revealed things that he doesn’t even realize that he has revealed. His hatred, scorn and malice for black males tells me all I need to know about him and his kind.

      • I don’t know what happened that night. I do know without equivocation that Frank Taaffe’s media appearances were driven by his pathological need for attention.

        • Peace! You are right about that, He keeps saying things in the third person. He knows just a llittle to much IMO. GZ talks to him in code but they are to stupid to think that we cannot deciper it. When you get a chance, go over to Youtube and listen to as much as you can. It is very interesting to say the least. At least you have an open mind and are fair. FT has lost two sons. he is a miserable bitter man. I feel sorry for the Mom. FT who has lost children you would think he would have some compassion for the Martins? NADA! He is uncaring and unfeeling, and he thinks a black child is not a human being.

        • I have to tell you that it is a great struggle for me to talk about the loss of Frank Taaffe’s sons, since Vincent was a poster here and we had been in contact over the past few months. I am still deeply upset by his death. I would hope that indeed it would aid Frank Taaffe in having more compassion toward the Martins. He has said here that he is devastated, and this family was sharply divided, so he may have some regrets. I do not know how that will translate into any change in his views on this shooting. I only know that Vincent was a great guy, against all odds.

      • Sharon Thompson permalink

        Hello Deborah- Thank you for your insightful comments, which make perfect sense. Is there any way to bring this to the attention of the State? This explains, in part, why FT has spent so much time ‘defending’ & supporting GZ. I live in Sanford, have friends in The Retreat who loathe these wanna be tough guys, who are no better than the thug they decry…Prayers for Treyvon, may he RIP.
        Sharon Thompson

        • I am sure that many of Frank’s neighbors wish he would shut up even more than I do, if that is possible. He is such an embarrassment to the people of Sanford. Thanks for stopping by so we can get a fresh perspective!

      • baccarat permalink

        Deborah, How do you type so well with that straitjacket on?

  9. W Ford permalink

    Where was Taafe the night of the murder and does he own a taser?

    • julie permalink

      Thats what I want to know. I just wonder if Taaffe had anything to do with it.

  10. Jess permalink

    Aww now your bff has a mugshot just like you Taaffe. bffs forever!! geez lick his balls already Damn! durr i want to be a watchman cause i like to snoop around durr!!! get some real effing training in protecting the neighborhood!

  11. luckynme permalink

    Thank you. Earlier today on CNN this man said that the special prosecuter “sold us out” ….just who was he referring to? White people? That she sold the white race out by bringing charges against Zimmerman? He was very angry and very disgusting.

    • Really? She sold them out, eh? He is just a disturbing ball of white privilege, isn’t he? Dude is proto-angry, that’s for sure. I cannot believe Zimmerman’s new lawyer hasn’t told him to STFU yet.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • How did the prosecuter sell out the “white race?” GZ is part Hispanic, He speaks Spanish. I speak Spanish! That man who made that statement is despicabl not to mention ignorant.. Are the proecuters selling out the white race when they brought charges against Charles Holmes and Jared Loughne? The murdered whites.

  12. matthew permalink

    Taaffe is an idiot who really is stirring up more than he is helping his friend. He contradicts himself and often speaks as though he was an eyewitness. He redundantly rants about what he wants to convey, like the stupid police report by a policeman who did not see what happened and took Zimmermans word. Also, no witness matters to him except those who support Zimmerman’s account. However, if anyone dare present something he does not want to hear or can’t refute, he then displays his anger management problem. He turned his watch captain/dodge city badge over to Zimmerman. I think he tried to mentor Zimmerman in a way and fill him with his views. Yes, Zimmerman is the one responsible. I think he is angry, ignorant and a cop wanna be. I think he was the perfect pupil for Taaffe to inject his hate, anger, and racism…or at least racial profiling. Zimmerman obviously has a short fuse anyway, and probably influenced easily. This gave Taaffe something to since his wife is no longer around to beat up. Taaffe”s latest stupidity was on Nancy Grace tonight. He has sadly compared the murder of Trayvon to a football game and now swiss cheese. What is really disgusting is that now he keeps saying “we”. “We have an excellent defense…we have a quarterback….we we we. Does he not realize that this is Zimmerman’s attorney, Zimmerman’s defense, Zimmerman’s trial? I think in addition to his daily 15 minutes of fame, wanting to get Zimmerman off, it seems like he is getting off on this.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Matthew. Excellent point about the concept of Taaffe being a kind of mentor to Zimmerman. Taaffe seems to have delusions of grandeur in addition to being a garden-variety windbag. He has inserted himself into this case and is eating it up, probably because he has never been “important” in his entire life and now thinks that he is getting well-deserved attention for being such a great guy. Little does he realize that he is simply fodder for the TV hosts to make fun of on a daily basis–it sails right over his fat head. He’s always trying to use big words and falls on his face. That part is actually kind of hysterical.

      I think we will see his anger management problem again if Zimmerman’s new attorney, O’Mara, politely requests that Taaffe STFU. O’Mara is the only person I’ve seen yet from the Zimmerman camp that I’d ever care to have a conversation with, and I suspect that he wishes Taaffe would just go away. In fact, he’s said that he doesn’t want the case tried in the media. From what I’ve seen thus far, O’Mara seems like a decent guy, despite his client.

      • matthew permalink

        Absolutely. Excellent attorney. He speaks eloquently, but calmly. Taaffe tries to use big words to make him feel like he is a regular commentator. If he thinks he is part of the intellegencia, he needs to understand that you really should not pick a few big words and repeat them over and over. One of Taaffe’s favorite things to do is resite numerical statutes. I have a couple for him…810.08…812.014…and that does not even include his domestic violence charges. He also loves to use what he calls the “three c’s” I have three c’s for him. Corruption, coersion, and collusion. I wanted to include crackhead, but I ran out of c’s. I want your opinion on something. We know he is desperate to have his mug on every tv show instead of just in arrest records. Why do they cater to him? I know they have to try to allow both sides to be represented, but they let him rant and are too polite to him in my opinion. Nancy Grace is the only one I have seen really stand up to him. She even did not go to the extent she usually does. I think one of these hosts needs to professionally address some of these things. He has brought up Travon’s past and certainly got his point accross about the alleged black thieves in the neighborhood, so why not bring up his violent past? Do not dish it out if you can’t take it. Can you imagine if that happened as it should? I would hope they have a fire extinguisher nearby. I am sure he probably has set rules about what cannot be said or brought up, but why patronize him? Do they not realize that if they told him that in between his spasms that he will be questioned, he would still squirm to be on tv. What have they got to loose? Either he would be put in his place or find some other place to go. I would suggest the shooting range or an NRA meeting.

        • I think Taaffe is invited back again and again for three main reasons.

          1. Other than Zimmerman’s family, which has gone noticeably quiet of late, he is the only person willing to publicly support George Zimmerman, and this is not because Taaffe is some kind of brave knight in shining armor as he undoubtedly thinks. Rather, it’s because the vast majority of Americans think that shooting an unarmed teenager after stalking him is simply WRONG.

          2. It is possible that people love to hate Taaffe and that is why shows want him on. I’m reminded of a line from Howard Stern’s movie regarding his ratings, something to the effect of “people who love Howard listen to his show for one hour per day. People who hate him listen for two hours a day”.

          3. As I have written about on this blog, the media wants to project the concept of being balanced. Unfortunately, this often means that they jettison common sense completely and are willing to cozy up to just about anyone who can represent “the other side”. I think the media can do a litmus test on their aspirations to balance. If they cannot find an intelligent, articulate person on both sides of an argument, then they ought to consider whether there really is an argument at all. But they don’t, and what this means for Taaffe is that he will be a hot commodity due to #1 above unless or until Zimmerman’s team hires a damage-control specialist. Therefore, unfortunately media hosts will continue to allow him to spew his nonsense, because they can’t afford to lose the one person on earth who thinks Zimmerman’s just a “stand-up guy”.

      • Guest permalink

        First time I saw Taaffe(I think it was CNN), he seemed stunned that George had a “deadly weapon”…he seemed to be saying he didn’t know he was armed.

        Don’t know if he was faking, or if what he was truly reeling from was the public outcry.

        Anyway, after that appearance, he seemed to become real slick… I suppose after the white supremacists and gun nuts started supporting him and GZ, he started to feel a little better.

    • julie permalink

      A wanna be cop [Zimmerman]. And a wanna be lawyer [Taaffe]. A wanna be cop is a scary type of person.

    • Because HE IS and WAS an EYEWITNESS! Listen to his words very carefully. Listen to the 911 tapes. George had other people with him that night. You can hear other voices as well when he called NEN. Frank Taafee is a racist bigot and he probably helped detain TM that night.

      • Janice Doyle permalink

        I believe that too Deborah. Frank Taffe was there that night. I truly believe that in my gut. I also believe it was Frank Taffe who gave George Zimmerman a blood nose, and the injury to his head.

    • Excellent post! I agree with you about FT. I also feel that GZ has anger issues as well, not to mention mental instability and his ADHD. He is a troubled man who has been coddled and sheltered all of his life. He has been in College for the last 8 yrs, and mind you, this is a 2 yr. college? He did so poorly while in College as well. He has some serious mental issues and I believe he was a ticking time bomb and would have murdered someone one day. Unfortunately, TM was his victim.His dreams of becoming a policeman was destroyed when he failed the test, and didn’t make the cut, but he still pretended to act like a policeman and that is what he was doing the night of this crime. He should have been committed a long time ago.

  13. cathy adams permalink

    i won’t censor my sentiment, Taaffe’s like that pink slime filler they use in meat, he fills up space on a 24 hour news network that kindly allows him to continue making a complete a** of himself on national tv. today on nancy grace he said “trayvon as he escaped when he ran away from mr. zimmerman…he turned around and he went back…” thanks frank, we already knew that, zimmerman did pursue trayvon, who tried running away before he was forced to defend himself from zimmerman who as you described, pursued trayvon.

  14. Anastasia permalink

    This Frank Taafe mother fucker needs a real good ass beating!!!!!!!

    • Elvis Presley permalink

      It is people like you who make me glad Zimmerman was found not guitly. I would pound your head on the pavement and then expect you to just laugh it off

  15. I do not understand why Frank Taaffe keeps getting invited back ~ to keep everything fair and balanced? He is so angry that he is ready to explode. He most likely filled Zimmerman’s head with all his hatred…Is that what Zimmerman referred to in his message to Frank that he learned so much from him? I wonder if anyone is aware of his violent past…..Jjust like George Zimmerman’s….On the Nancy Grace show he made a comment about “his constituents’ !!!!! Of course, Nancy pounced on him and asked him if he considered himself an ‘elected’ official…..?????

  16. riisey007 permalink

    I have been saying the same thing you guys have been saying, I said he is a wonderful witness for the prosecution. I do notice lately he is not throwing around words like, neighbor- HOOD, THUGS, etc. This is because Soledad Obrien put him up against the wall on his accusations and that he sees that his past is out there and everyone knows. I knew there was something about him. I am like a few others, I believe Taaffe is one of those people who like to blame others for problems in their lives instead of looking in the mirror. He is a two bit opportunist who could care less about Zimmerman, he will have a book written about all of this or will profit from this, you just wait and see.

    • Agree, I am sure that Taaffe very much enjoys blaming others for his problems. This goes hand-in-hand with Zimmerman’s refusal to take responsibility for what he did. Neither he, his family, or Taaffe has been able to bring themselves to state the simple fact that Zimmerman shot and killed a child. They say things like:

      “That’s why George did what he did” (meaning killing Trayvon Martin)
      “That’s why things got out of hand” (meaning killing Trayvon Martin)
      “I am sorry you lost your son” (meaning I shot and killed your son)

      There is one indisputable fact in this case. Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Yet none of them can bring themselves to say this. It’s an ugly statement, isn’t it, to state out loud that you shot and killed a child? It’s the ugly truth, however.

      • Frank Taaffe was there when TM was murdered. Listen to his words. Things got out of hand? If on only TM had “listened” and answered GZ questions and told him why he was in the neighborhood? How would he know all of what transpired word for word?You could not have known any of that unless you were there FT! GZ also speaks in code and what you quoted is exactly right! Why would he say he is sorry about FT’s son/ GZ has stated that he shot and killed TM. What he won’t say is on that night, he had accomplices. he tried to detain TM and TM fought him back. He became enraged and then he shot him in a rage. He further tired to insult this boy by kneeling on his back and checking “the suspect for weapons!” How despicable he is! He thinks that the prosecution does not know, but they have all of the information needed. Let’s see him answer the questions as to whom was in his truck that night. Why he was knocking on the doors of two certain witnesses??? The witness who heard TM yelling and beggin for his life?

        • Deborah, you may be right. However, the police arrived so quickly after the event, and there do not appear to be witnesses who describe Taaffe at the scene. I’m a scientist, so I usually take a lot of convincing. :) I do believe that Taaffe is a racist, and he may have fed his bigotry to Zimmerman.

  17. Leah williams permalink


  18. kelli permalink

    where was frank taffee the night trayvon was murdered? i know this is extreme, but with the new photos of the injury to the back of zimmerman’s head being released by an unknown party, makes me wonder if that person could indeed be Frank Taffee. Could he possibly have wanted his friend to get off so badly that he helped inflict injuries to make it look like self- defense? idk, just a conspiracy theorist i suppose.

    • Honestly, I think the police were there much too fast for Taaffe, who has proven himself to be an idiot, and Zimmerman (same) to have cooked up something like that. But I would not put that type of behavior past either one of them.

      • julie permalink

        Could have Taaffe been there with Zimmerman all along? Just a thought. And also, why did Zimmerman say something about being sorry to Taaffe about his son?

    • I too have wondered “…if that person could indeed be Frank Taffee. Could he possibly have wanted his friend to get off so badly that he helped inflict injuries to make it look like self- defense?” I wonder?

      • Sharon Thompson permalink

        CHARLES What you say makes perfect sense…and could explain why GZ didn’t follow through with exams by ENT as recommended by physicians assistant he visited after ‘the incident’. I am a Sanford resident and mother of a 16 yo son who might someday attract this same type attention by having long hair or hoodie. Wish the State could hear this…

    • Yes or they were self inflicted. GZ’s injuries are not consistent wtih one getting their head bashed against the grass or concrete! GZ did not go to any hospital that night to be treated. He refused. WHY? This is a man who stated that he was beatn within an inch of his life and that is why he shot TM. I am a NP. I have worked in a Level 1 Trauma Center for the last few years. I have been a Nurse for 22 yrs. If an individual has head injuries that indiividual is rushed t o a hospital, given a CT. Scan or an MRI. He is observed and treated for 48 hrs. An individual who has a head injury can lapse into a coma and die. Any first year resident can see thru this BS story and he knew that and that is why he didn’t go to a hospital! He knows full well the many tests that are given, photos and x-rays would be taken and any Doctor would testify as to the fact that his injuries are not consistent with his claims of self defense. He is a liar.He pursued, tried to detain fought this kid and shot him. He also had accomplices as well and all of that information will be revealed. GZ must think the prosecution is as stupid as he is! Frank Taaffe also must believe everyone is as racist and bigoted as he is. He was there and he had a lot to do with this crime.

      • Elvis Presley permalink

        Too bad Deborah, maybe this makes up for OJ Simpson killing a couple of white people or do you think he was innocent too? Would you like someone to stomp on your head for awhile?

  19. milo permalink

    Check out the update for 4/26 on the link above. It appears Trayvon COULD have walked right by Mr. Taaffe’s back porch.

    Taaffe sees Trayvon. Taaffe calls Zimmerman. Tragedy ensues.

  20. sharon christian permalink

    was frank taaffes son a drug addict who overdosed from perscription drugs maybe thats why he is so bitter against trayvon martin because his son wasnt shit

    • lwj permalink

      ouch! that stings! sounds like your a little bitter yourself:)

    • Sharon: Anything is possible in this case. You know FT has lost 2 sons. I feel sorry for the Mom because I am a Mom, but not FT! FT is a racist, bigot and an angry bitter man. He has no love for anyone including GZ! I believe he is responsible for GZ being in the trouble that he is in now! GZ needs to come clean about that night or he will be doing his prison time ALONE! If he had accomplices who somehow disappeared, he needs to tell or they need to speak up. The prosecution already has all of the information about night and they are still receiving more! Check out my posts on here. I have been listening and reviewing the 911 tapes and the tapes on Youtube by Trent Sawyer. You all may be skeptical and I understand that. I was at first too. I just couldn’t believe it when I heard other voices on the tape and at certain times a voice inside GZ’s truck? Who was that? Then TM begging for his life and crying and calling for his MOMMY? How heartless can you be to shot a kid begging for his life, but GZ and FT feel that a black kid is not even human. GZ didn’t care, With his mental instability he just snalpped. He could have fired a warning shot, and that would have kept TM there until the police arrived. If TM had kept running, SO WHAT? The cops would have caught up with him! Why was he in such a rage that he had to shoot this kid? What was TM doing? He shot him in the heart because he knew it would kill this kid instantly. All of the BS he states TM said is also BS! He is the one who made the statement, “You’re going to die tonight!” How the hell was he going to die tonight? Hitting him with his Ice Tea can? TM had no weapon! All of his friends and teachers say he was non confrontational. He was not about fighting. GZ is going down and anyone else who was involved with him has already been fired and is going down with him as well. He is not worth prison time! He is a mentally disturbed, paranoid, overzealous, obsessed man!

      • Deborah, I agree with most of what you say, at least in spirit. But I do have to clarify that if one receives firearms training, you are not taught to fire a warning shot. If you have unholstered your weapon, you are trained to shoot to kill. The idea of shooting at a limb or firing a warning shot is really not a strong argument, in my opinion.

        And let me just state for the record that I’m a big proponent of gun control. This case is yet another reason for my position.

        • Agreed. I was in the Army so I know that you are trained to shoot to kill. GZ did not fire a warning shot. Why not? That would have scared the kid, and if he had still ran away, the cops would have found him. That is their job to do. GZ shot this kid because he wanted to! GZ was not a police man but he sure acted like he was one. I just think that he is a very mentally disturbed man who was coddled and his parents covered up for his imperfections. He shot a kid who tried to get away from him because he became enraged and angry when the kid wouldn’t answer his questions I believe. I also believe that GZ did not act alone either. There are voices in his truck that nght on the 911 tapes? If we lay people can hear those voices, so can the FBI and prosecution who have more sophiscated equipment.

        • I completely agree with your assessment of George Zimmerman. He is an insufferable a cop wannabe who without question followed Trayvon against the advice of the dispatcher. Zimmerman is a loser in all aspects of his life, and had to use hatred against other groups to puff himself up. He thought he was going to be a “hero” that night and instead he killed an innocent, unarmed 17-year-old. He has made it clear that he’s a complete wimp who lacks common sense, self-control, and intellect.

  21. Animaljunkie permalink

    From an audio interview with one of GZ’s workplace colleagues, who was continually bullied by GZ, it appears GZ needs the validation of a person or group i.e. he does not have enough confidence in himself to validate himself. Your particular blog would corroborate the views of said colleague, as far as Frank Taaffe is concerned. In relation to that ‘perfect storm’, it appears Frank Taaffe was the Captain and crew that steered GZ to kill Trayvon Martin. It’s a shame Taaffe won’t be considered as a psychological accomplice to GZ’s crime.

    • Agree on all points. Zimmerman has a long history of blaming one racial/ethnic group or another for all of his problems, rather than looking in the mirror to see why he’s such a loser in life. Taaffe undoubtedly fanned those flames as Zimmerman’s “mentor”. And now we have Zimmerman’s wife Shelly saying that Zimmerman is a “role model”. It’s not difficult to see how, in such an environment, racial profiling becomes an acceptable and even laudable endeavor. The more this rat pack speaks, the clearer it becomes that Zimmerman was nurtured in a colony of racists.

      You can also see the comments here by a person posting as Vincent Taaffe, one of Frank’s sons. I do have reason to believe that the poster may really be Frank’s son. This poster backs up the concept that Taaffe is a racist shitheel…a surprise to no one, really.

      • julie permalink

        Wow. If you are really are Frank Taaffe son, then my prayers go out to you. I know what it is to suffer abuse, God Bless.

    • GZ is to stupid to do anything on his own and that is why I and many others believe that he had accomplices. He needs validation from others and he is the type to follow the crowd. Why he has remained sitlent is a mystery to me.

  22. Animaljunkie permalink

    Let’s face it, SZ isn’t the epitome of credible referees, bearing in mind her arrest for perjury; she also isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw. Anyone who would defend the reprehensible behaviour of the Zimmerman clan, should in all honesty, be sectioned. NOTHING in this case, especially anything out of the mouth of GZ, makes any sense. EVERYTHING is suspect and up for a lengthy heated debate with Zimmerman supporters, who are probably racist or members of the NRA.

    • Again, I agree. I am hoping that somehow the biggest donors to Zimmerman’s lil Paypal account will be revealed at some point. I would not be surprised if a man of his character was accepting donations from the KKK, Stormfront, or similar. Natually he’ll claim that he didn’t know. More to the point is that he doesn’t care.

  23. Animaljunkie permalink

    Yes indeed, that would be very interesting information; however, would the trustee of such funds legally have to divulge such information? I think not, therefore, unless they fall out with GZ etc, I suspect such disclosure will NOT be forthcoming.

    I wouldn’t be surprised either, especially in light of his now defunct website, which showed a picture of a graffiti wall saying ‘LONG LIVE ZIMMERMAN’, spray painted on a community centre in an African-American neighbourhood. NO truly remorseful person would create a website, let alone write the self pitying rubbish he did. They smacked of a true racist, which I hope the FBI has full proof of, for all to see. I also remember there were no indirect apologies to Trayvon’s parents. Although I don’t believe he’s a sociopath, his behaviour thus far would point to some sort of mental dysfunction. As some Americans would say, I think he’s a bit touched.

    Also, he can’t blame everything on his ADHD, which he takes medication for. As has been proven, as soon as questions, the detectives asked, got just a bit too difficult, he suddenly couldn’t remember. If GZ’s ADHD was so bad, how was it that he was able to keep down a job i.e. his last job?

    Lastly, apropos to the Stand Your Ground statute, I’m of the belief that GZ didn’t defend himself enough against his ALLEGED attacker, since Trayvon Martin had NO bruises on this face, torso, abdomen, arms, back, or legs (only ONE bruise on one of his fingers), which would suggest that a grown man like GZ either could not defend himself against a 17 year old young man, OR he decided to use lethal force in the first instance instead of reasonable force; GZ did NOT have any bruises on his hands to denote a fist fight or defensive wounds. Strange that!

    • Oh, I totally agree regarding the release of information regarding donors. It’s just a hope. In this day and age, very little stays private. Where is WikiLeaks when we need them?

      I don’t think Zimmerman is a sociopath. As demonstrated by F. Taaffe, Zimmerman’s thinking is all too common in the United States. Racial profiling and stereotyping are encouraged in his social sphere, it seems. I just think that Zimmerman is a sorry excuse for a human who has failed at every endeavor but can’t take responsibility for the fact that he has not achieved anything in life. Therefore, he must blame a scapegoat, and throughout his life, that scapegoat has been a shapeshifting entity (Mexican, Middle Eastern, or Black). Zimmerman is not very bright, and is a demonstrated liar. This is important, because when it comes to his trial, his word will have to be believed for him to walk. He’s already lied to the Martins in his self-serving non-apology apology, when he claimed that he thought Trayvon was a little younger than himself. This is directly refuted by Zimmerman’s original call to the police, when Zimmerman states that Trayvon is a teenager. Now he’s lied about his money. And in addition, his written statement is chockablock full of nonsense (ie he left his vehicle so he could find a street sign to tell him where he was, in a neighborhood that has only 3 streets).

      Thank goodness Trayvon’s family stood their ground and came forward to put this in the public’s eye. It’s truly terrifying to think that this could’ve just been put away forever by a horde of incompetents.

  24. Animaljunkie permalink

    I agree on all counts too! Trayvon’s family appear to be educated individuals, can’t say the same for the Zimmerman clan.

    Nice chatting with you. Cheers!

    P.S. Are you on Twitter?

    • Nice chatting with you as well, and thanks for stopping by.

      I’m @skewedD on Twitter, but not very active.

    • I agree with you, but to racists, even the most educated black individual is not thought of as human or intelligent by people like the Zimmermans. FT is an uneducated man and a racist but to a racist, they feel that they are better than even Barack Obama because of their white skin. Barack Obama is a Harvard and Columbia U graduate. A man who speaks eloquently, is polished, polite and articulate and extremely intelligent but you see how is treated by racists and even members of his own party.

  25. @skeweddistribution – It’s amazing that your blog brings up a very important MISSING link to the Trayvon Martin (TM) murder. Recently it was discovered by watching the George Zimmerman (GZ) re-enactment video (27Feb-2012) on YouTube that GZ pointed out that the 1st contact with TM was at 1460 River View Circle. GZ told SPD Detective Chris Serino this in the video. GZ said TM was looking in the window and acting suspicious. Do you know who’s address that is?

    Oh it gets worse! The SPD just released the DNA evidence on GZ’s gun’s grip, holster, and shirt. It has TWO genetic contributors but TM is not identified as one of them. Huh? Does that mean there was a THIRD person at the scene?

    Oh no it even gets worse than that! The FIRST 911 call that night was a woman that saw a man standing or kneeling over somebody on the ground. He had a WHITE shirt on. But wait, TM and GZ did not have on a white shirt that night. She even asked the SPD officer that same question – who would have such a shirt on if the principles (GZ/TM) did not have on such a shirt?

    And the coupe de grais is that she saw this JUST before hearing the fatal shot that killed TM. The DNA evidence was not OLD latent DNA from another day. They both were deposited on the 3 items at the same point in time. So it points to a 3rd person at the scene of the crime.

    Do the math…. Do you smell a rat here too? Is GZ covering for someone? Does someone owe GZ a big favor for not fingering him? Who was so racially charged up over blacks being in the “hood” burglarizing homes? Who was waiting for the “perfect storm”?

    Have you got there yet?

    • Huh. VERY interesting. Thanks for your post. I will check into this further. My Frank Taaffe post was meant to be a one-off, but thanks to people like you who are keeping me up-to-date, it may be worth another one!

    • I have been saying this all along! Check out the Trent Sawyer tapes on YouTube. GZ had accomplices that night. Why he is remaining silent about these people, I don’t know since he ran his mouth about everything else but that was when he thougth he would get away SCOT FREE! I totally agree with you on this. FT contacted GZ and the chase ensued! FT is involved in this along with a woman who was in GZ truck. I would not be going down for ANYONE! GZ needs to talk and answer the question!

  26. Kelli Contreras permalink

    A couple of things I noticed about the GZ case. Not having anything to do with Taffe. When GZ did his re-enactment of the shooting on video. Did you notice the HUGE bandages he had? One on the back of his head. One on his nose. When they released the close up photos of those injuries they were scratches. When the paramedic was called as a witness at the bond hearing he said he thought the injury on the back of GZ’s head may have needed stitches. Those scratches were no where near needing stitches! I could not believe it when he said that. Another thing that caught my attention was when GZ said that Travon had one hand over his nose and one hand covering his mouth. If someone had their hand over my mouth I would have opened my mouth and bit them as hard as I could to get them off of me. I wonder why George didn’t do that. I guess he thought shooting him was a better idea.

    Vincent if you are Franks son. My prayers are also with you.

    • That is because GZ is full of it! I have been an NP for 22 yrs, in NY working in various specialites but the last few years in a Level 1 Trauma Center. When I saw those bandages I busted out laughing because you don’t dress wounds with those type of bandages! Not the kind of wounds he CLAIMS he sustained! His dumb wife wannabe nurse must have put them on his fat head! I showed a few other Nurses, Residents and seasoned Doctors, Surgeons etc,. his head every one of them stated along wtih me that GZ’s injuries are not consistent with him getting his head bashed against the ground! TM did not have any other injuries to his hand except a small cut on one of his fingers and he should have had injuries to his fingers if he was bashing his head against the ground along with blood on his hands, sleeves and jacket. TM’s hands did not reflect one who was bashing his head on the ground or the grass. Where was the blood, grass stains, and dirt on TM’s sleeves and why was his hands free of GZ’s blood? Why did Z refuse to go to the hospital to be treated by an experienced ENT, or a Neurologist and where was the insistence by his family and the police for him to go to the hospital where he would have received more extensive testing? What is he had lapsed into a coma and diied from his BS injuries? Do you knwow the type of injuries one sustains from a head bashing on the ground? He thinks we are stupid (his supporters are) but those of us with a brain knows damn well why he didn’t go to a hospital! He also needs to come clean about that night and who was in his truck with him. We hear her voice whispering GZ!

  27. Malisha permalink

    Well, Well, the information we’re hearing from Vincent Taaffe actually explains a lot. Sonofthunder, I am very interested in that DNA picture; I know you’ll stay on top of that one.

    My initial belief was that the “struggle on the ground complete with HELP HELP and headbonk” was complete BULL. Now, it is strengthened. Taaffe’s first (that I saw) “public announcement” about this case was HIS little show-and-tell about how GEORGE “became the victim.” These are the sick fantasies of the abusers everywhere — how much they are victimized by their victims not agreeing to the victimization THEY feel is appropriately dished out by them.

    I hope Vincent Taaffe and his sister approach the feds and offer to be thoroughly and I mean THOROUGHLY debriefed, because this is beginning to look more and more like a verifiable hate crime.

  28. These people saw Exhibit DMS 21A and others (DNA evidence) and give a full commentary on the findings. They say you can actually see the state’s evidence on their web site axiomamnesia(dot)com (Change (dot) to a period with no spaces)

    Here is the Florida DNA evidence mentioned:

    These people actually postulate that the evidence points to a 3 people with 1 UNSUB (unidentified subject) at the scene. Now who could that be? Think about it HARD and do the math… The Zimmerman’s have the nerve to call this man their “safety counselor”.

    If anyone wants to contact the FBI Special Agent in Charge assigned to this case, please call
    Steven E. Ibison:
    5525 West Gray Street
    Tampa, FL 33609
    Phone: (813) 253-1000
    E-mail: tampa.division[at]
    (replace [at] with @ symbol no spaces)

    • Thanks for stopping by again with more information. I watched the video, and honestly, I am struggling with this DNA evidence as support for a third person at the scene. DNA testing is so incredibly sensitive these days (ie “touch” DNA), that I think the mystery DNA on the gun and holster could easily be from someone who touched these items at an earlier time. With that said, it would be of interest to know if all of the mystery DNA is from the same person. That would be a quick way to at least rule out the presence of a third person (ie if the mystery DNA is from two different people, then this would be information that would indicate that a third person was probably not present). The technique for collecting the DNA would also be of interest.

      I also think that with all of the witnesses we’d have heard more corroboration of three people at the scene. With that said, however, I find it deeply compelling that according to Zimmerman, Trayvon was first spotted at none other than Frank Taaffe’s house. It seems like too much of a coincidence. Did F. Taaffe call Zimmerman and tell him to stalk “a young black male”? If so, that might explain why he’s been so busy trying to defend his friend. After all, if this were the case, Taaffe is the one who set the events in motion.

      Just wanted to let you know that if comments aren’t approved right away it’s because I’m busy at work or home. I try to get to them as quickly as possible but some days I have more time than others.

  29. Vincent Taaffe is a very real person. He lives in Florida, has had run ins with the law, and is/was a US Federal employee. His brother did die of a drug overdose. His sister is a US Marine. His father is a very dangerous man. I just don’t think anyone is aimed at him just yet. He’s been putting his foot in his mouth recently on TV. Soledad Obrien really showed him out to be a big phony.

    • I know Vincent Taaffe is a real person; the only thing I wasn’t 100% sure of was whether it was he who was posting here. I’m about 99% sure it is him, but I’m waiting for more confirmation.

  30. Sonofthunderboanerges permalink

    I sincerely believe that the dna contributors were concurrent and not at an earlier time ruling out Shellie Zimmerman. I’m pretty sure if the fbi saic takes frank’s sample it will be a 100% match. There was not enough gun residue on gz for him to be the shooter. I think a lineup of white men with white tee shirts will allow the female eyewitness to finger frank.

    The reason why I feel vinnie is legit as the poster knows too much about frank and his kids. Also he has a Facebook Page and his photo matches his mugshot from when he was a bad boy last year.

    Where is frank these days? I think there is enough here for a warrant today!

    • It could be concurrent, I can’t say one way or the other. But I would think that a texture like that found on a gun grip might “trap” DNA that could be quite old. However, it is a problem that they have an unidentified third person’s DNA on the gun no matter how we slice it. I would really like to know if mystery gun DNA matches mystery holster DNA matches mystery shirt DNA.

      I tend to agree that Vincent is the real deal, but I am always cautious. It’s an occupational hazard…plus people do really weird shit on the internet.

      • lwj permalink

        OMG you people are are all nuts, Vincent and his sister are being paid money by F. Taaffe’s ex-wife to contibute to this blog. They have used you your site for revenge. This is all very sickening, yes you are truly skwed!!!

        • You think we are nuts and yet you mosey on over here and claim that Taaffe’s son was paid to post here? Got any evidence to back that up? And more to the point, why? Why would anyone pay anyone to post here? F. Taaffe does not need anyone’s help to make him look bad. He’s doing quite well by himself on that front, especially by stating that he is enjoying his notoriety as America’s least favorite racist.

  31. Sonofthunderboanerges permalink

    The dna evidence is in the link I provided and it clearly rules out trayvon on the pistol grip and George only shows up once. The other contributor is a unsub or unidentified subject. Since they were deposited at the same time it rules out an earlier touch unless Shellie was at the scene. She would be the only one to have touched it earlier… logically that is… a concealed pistol is not a show everybody object. This pretty much puts a 3rd person at the scene. The 1st 911 caller puts a 3rd person on scene. Do the math…
    Btw fwiw
    FYI… Gz had a carry permit but NOT conceal. Yet his pistol was concealed under his jacket in his waistband by his own admission. What a thug!

    • Are we sure the DNA was deposited at the same time? I may have missed that…let me know how that was determined. It would be helpful to know how the samples were collected. I am not aware of a way to tell when DNA is deposited unless you had mixed blood, for example.

      I had no idea that Zimmerman did not have a concealed carry permit. Is this one of the charges against him? What kind of offense is that in Florida (probably a misdemeanor if it’s a crime at all)? One thing I will always agree with you on: Zimmerman is a thug. And a coward. And a liar. And a no-good loser. And a murderer, whether his jury eventually agrees or not.

      I think that it’s his proven lying that may ultimately result in a conviction. In order to find that he acted in self-defense, the jury has to believe him. And why would they? His story has many holes in it, and he actually lied in court already–at least two times that we know of. Then again, Florida jurors did let another well-documented liar walk just a little over a year ago…

      • I think the report ( said the grip DNA sample for the gun grip was in fact blood. I think they said it was “mixed” with two individuals. One GZ and the second UNKNOWN. They ruled out Trayvon on that sample (i.e. DMS-21A). It was collected by swap and exposed to PCR (polymerase chain reaction). You are right you can not detect age of the sample with the DNA analysis. But in this case it was a mixed blood sample. Also one would think that a gun nut like GZ would clean his gun a lot. I don’t think a DNA blood sample would be that old with his gun. I also don’t see his wife handling the gun earlier. Shellie doesn’t seem impressed with guns (just a guess). Who else would have touched it earlier?

        The conceal permit thing was pointed out by Detective Chris Serino. He felt GZ was lying about TM “finding” his pistol concealed under his jacket inside his waistband as he knew his permit was not a conceal permit. GZ was under requirement to keep his pistol visible at all times so TM would have seen it right away. No SPD did not press charges on a permit violation. They did not do a lot of things they should have.

        What you say in your last paragraph above is VERY true. That’s why many of us here and at the Turley blog feel that GZ and crew are about to “bounce” (i.e. exfiltrate) as they spoke about it in their prison tape phone convo – I posted it on the blog. They discussed getting a safe house out at Sanford Int’l Airport in direct violation of Judge Lester’s instructions.

        I have a funny feeling they’ll be ordering a GPS spoofer/jammer in Miami soon. Why? Do the math…

      • Bridgette permalink

        I was watching the Nancy Grace show on Friday night and Frank Taaffee commented that there was only one hold-out in the Jury decision. HOW DID HE KNOW THAT? Was he making contact with someone on the inside?

  32. skeweddistribution – I can pretty much assure you that this is NOT F.T. If it was do you think his only response would be to what Vinnie said earlier? What about the accusations that were mentioned about him being a potential accomplice? I am very familiar with the mentally challenged and Vinnie shows NO signs of what this guy says. His Facebook page depicts him as the polar opposite of what this guy says. Also schizophrenics who use Internet tend to come up with paranoid-based fantastic conspiracy theories that have absolutely no basis in logic. Soldiers/sailors with acute PTSD have little time for Internet. Being that Vinnie is the approximate age as GZ, what PTSD-inspiring scenarios could he have been in overseas recently? He is listed as a DoD employee in Central Florida not disabled military personnel. His arrest records mention nothing of a military connection. If this guy is actually F.T. then he is just trying out his spin-control skills on the Internet in my opinion. If I were him I would distance myself from GZ and Shellie and prepare for a very unwelcome visitation from LEO.

  33. Sooda permalink

    I watched Trent’s video with great interest and while I don’t agree with all his conclusions, its clear he put in a lot of work. For the first time the light show inside the clubhouse made sense to me.

    The problem for serious researchers and those trying to do a study is that George has changed his story several times. I certainly don’t know the answers.

    One of you said that Taaffe “inserted” himself into the story.. I agree.. And, he’s a completely unaware racist. I agree. Beyond that he’s just a pathetic buffoon.. of no importance at all IMO.

    As for what George could have done.. like shooting in the air.. I have NO patience with that. George could have simply said, “I am with Neighborhood Watch, do you live around here?”

    There is simply no excuse for George’s stupidity. No excuse for putting his Walter Mitty fantasies ahead of Trayvon’s rights and the sanctity of Trayvon’s life. … no excuse for all the rash assumptions he made about Trayvon. The truth IMO.. is that George would have killed some young black man sooner of later.

    I sometimes walk in the evenings. I sometimes wear a hoodie. I live in a gated community that is very diverse and since there is a metro line outside the gates, young people and students walk at all hours in all sorts of weather. I speak.. “good evening”.

    I am a white senior citizen and female.

    This was a cruel and unjust crime..

    Its imperative that George be convicted of murder 2.

  34. Frank taaffe is a white supremacist and so is his family and george zimmerman and his freaky looking wife are also and he is a murderer and wanted to be a hero but trayvon was just an innocent young man and I would have fought someone if they were following me for no reason except that I had n a hoodie and I was black. He and taaffe r cowards.

  35. I think Frank Taaffe is the only person USING HIS BRAIN!!! He has repeatedly said Martin was the one with grass stains on the knees of his pants, indicating MARTIN was on top in the struggle, but everyone wants to ignore it! Why is everyone so quick to blame and demonize George Zimmerman??? He’s guilty of nothing more than Reckless Endangerment! All of you who say that if Zimmerman hadn’t gotten out of his car, Martin would not be dead; well, truth is, if Martin hadn’t gone out for skittles in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, he’d still be alive. Martin is no “innocent” in all of this, but his past isn’t allowed to be brought out in court because it “may be prejudicial.” I hope and trust I have friends like Taaffe who would go to bat for me in difficult circumstances!

    • Cheryl permalink

      EXCUSE ME !Jan, you are so off base, we are dealing with a want to be cop who has not proven he was not harrassing tryvon and following him into fright and self protection, SELF DEFENCE on trayvon’s behalf.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jan, but Taaffe doesn’t actually have much of a brain. He is just like Zimmerman: a cop wannabee who doesn’t cut it. A guy who is terrified of “young black males”. A guy who is such a wuss that he must have a gun wherever he goes because he’s terrified of the big bad world. Taaffe is also a guy who alienated his entire family (no exceptions, see the comments from various family members at this very blog) and has a major problem with alcohol. His new glasses don’t make him look any smarter, either.

      Frankly your analogy is idiotic. When Trayvon Martin went out for skittles and tea, he was not armed with a weapon and was a danger to no one. Zimmerman, on the other hand, is a menace to society every time he leaves his house with his weapon, safety off, round in the chamber. He obviously lacks the judgment I personally like to see in gun owners.

  36. Sharon permalink

    Taffee sounds like an idiot! I don’t know if he really believes that crap that comes out of his mouth. He clearly has no heart and a closed mind just like his friend and murderer, George Zimmerman. The reverse racism theory! Really Taaffe! Get a life. Your team and theories sound pretty desperate. A young boy lost his life to a man( or not) who wanted to be in law enforcement so bad, that he racially profiled a teenager to make his first kill. Desperate! He will reap what he as sown. And tell him to push away from the table. He’s starting to look like fat bastard in Austin Powers.

    • Hahaha re. Fat Bastard. Indeed. Every time Taaffe opens his mouth, I struggle to understand how a man who lost two of his own sons can be so resistant to any kindness or compassion. Then again, some evidence indicates that he wasn’t the best daddy in the world.

      He really enjoys being on TV, but is apparently clueless as to how stupid he actually sounds–especially when he tries to use big words.

  37. critter permalink

    Its not a surprise frank and is family is racist they are old and were raise up back in the day its not all of his fault but he not making it any better. I am white that has nothing to do with this and i support martin family.

    Frank if you got anything to say how about you say and don’t put your family in the middle of something you have no clue about.

    I have an issue with many old people for a reason and Frank is a perfect example why not all Old people are like that. I talk to a view whom knew me since i was 2 years old.

    • Just to clarify: I cannot speak to any other member of the Taaffe family being racist. In fact, in the interactions I have had with other family members, I have found them all to be very pleasant people who are not racist at all.

      • umpire12 permalink

        Well you do have a valid point that his family could not be racist, That was not my intent to say that it just seem more frank his the bigger race issue person. I apgolise to taaffe family if they are reading this that i called you racist was not my intent.

  38. Reblogged this on Musings From Inside My Fort and commented:
    Yes, I Seriously Wish Frank Taffee Would Go Far, Far Away!

  39. CamilleHy permalink

    I just wanted to thank you all for your insight on Frank Taaffe!!! I watch this man every night with Nancy Grace, Jane Valez, etc., and every single night I ask, “Who the hell is this guy? Who does he think he is?” He acts like he is up there with the attorneys, experts and law enforcement. Besides being GZ’s friend, a racist, a wife-beater, a drunk and the former Caption of the neighborhood watch, what did/does this guy do for a living? He just makes me sick! He never answers questions that he is asked, He goes off in his own world trying to act like he knows what he’s talking about. He is an ignorant, obnoxious, disrespectable idiot!

  40. Susan Nason permalink

    Check out Taaffe’s arrest record, quite lengthy includes domestic violence, felony theft, battery and on and on. A real piece of work and certainly not one that should be pointing fingers at anyone. You want to get theft out of your neighborhood Zimmerman then maybe you should start with your bff Taaffe, he is the one with the theft record not Trayvon.

  41. Bjfrencher permalink

    Frank Taafe, the one with the weakest argument is the loudest.

    George Zimmerman’s best self defense would have been to stay in his car. He also had an opportunity to talk with Trayvon when he said Trayvon circled his truck, looking at him, but he chose to close his windows. You are actually hurting Zimmerman’s case by being so RACIST and obnoxious!!!!

  42. CamilleHy permalink

    Seriously, who is this guy and what does he do for a living? I’m just really curious about that.

    He just seems to know too many details, is too involved, is too concerned, is too insistant, is too cocky, too pushy, too invested in all of this. He is either involved or really loves the attention and cameras! And they all put up with him – they cut his mike, they are even hostile towards him but he keeps on going – keeps on instigating, keeps on talking like he even knows what he’s talking about. I don’t know. Given his past history, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is involved in some way – like punching GZ and slamming his head off of the cement. I just cannot stand the man. And he wants fame? Only fame I see is that he is making a total fool of himself. I don’t know what he said on your blog but it doesn’t sound good (regarding his son). What does that tell us? It just verifies what everyone is saying on here. And he is good friend of Zimmerman – so what does that make Zimmerman?

    • Hi Camille,

      You might be surprised by how many people ask those very questions. I wrote a blog post to address it.

      Frank Taaffe is a horrible interview subject. He interrupts, he shouts, he doesn’t listen. I think Jinkasaurus had enough of him last night, that is for sure. I just hope others follow her lead, because it’s really difficult to watch a show with him on it.

      • TheGreenBee permalink

        LMAO at “Jinkasaurus”. I knew I could not have been the only one who thought thats what Nancy Grace was saying! For the longest time, I thought that was some annoying nick name Nace made up for her until I realized thats how The Georgia peeyoch pronounces her name…

  43. Dan permalink

    You guys are nuts. Frank Taffe is the best!

    • Okey dokey then, thanks for stopping by.

    • permalink

      What? The best? You call that the best? Although I cannot stand him I do have to give him a little credit in trying to stand up to or act like he knows everything including the law. Other than that you can have him!

  44. Sharon Hendrick permalink

    The more Frank opens his mouth, he inserts his foot. He wasn’t there when Trayvon was murdered! Hopefully, he can state an opinion, instead of trying to push HIS beliefs down everyone’s throat. If he is so sure GZ is not guilty, why is he so defensive?

    • I think he is defensive because his entire world is on trial. He is thinking, “Wait. People don’t agree that we should racially profile “young black males”? There are people out there who don’t automatically think that “young black males” are suspicious? This is crazy! I can’t even let this idea penetrate my skull!”.

      That’s my 2c.

      I found it utterly fascinating when Taaffe put forth his belief that this trial has divided the country by race–that African Americans side with the Martin family and whites exclusively side with Zimmerman. That gives a little taste of how out-of-touch with reality Taaffe is. He cannot see beyond his own beliefs.

  45. ruthann jones permalink

    Don’t worry about Frank being around much longer….notice his bright red face? He will undoubtedly die from a stroke very soon. As far as GZ goes…he is a representative of the prevalent Jim Crow still existent in the ‘Deep South”. The police are also racists and engaged in protecting this farcical “poco hombre”. Have you notice the stumpy short fingers on GZ’s hand when he took the oath? A short, obese, impotent, stupid, racist thug….I hope he enjoys the pleasures of being the lady in prison for a very long time. Otherwise, I am ready to don my marching shoes once again. God Bless Trayvon Martin and his grieving family and friends.

    • His red face might mean that he’s hitting the sauce again as well. I sure hope not, but his outbursts and behavior on TV suggest that this might be the case.

  46. charleen permalink

    Frank is the biggest ASSHOLE EVER!!!!!! An out & out liar!!!!! He and Zimmerman deserve each other!!!! He is racist too!!!!! CREEP!!!!! Makes me sick!!!!

  47. permalink

    First I am glad you spoke your mind regarding Taaffe. It definitely needed to be said and I, as well as many others, probably feel the same and totally agree with you. You are right on with every point you made regarding Taaffe’s views and opinions – in particular – young black males He is especially ignorant to the fact that he really sees nothing wrong with how he perceives them. And he was GZ’a mentor and previous captain of their neighborhood watch. He takes the time to go on all the shows on HLN and is repeatedly obnoxious, defensive, angry and downright disrespectful. I would like to mention two more things. Did you watch Dr. Drew and his “behavioral bureau” analyze him? I actually started to feel bad for him. BUT ONLY BECAUSE HE LOST TWO SONS WITHIN LAST YEAR. However feeling bad for didn’t last long. The other I wanted to mention was him appearing on HLN After Dark. Did you notice how different his demeanor or was? i am assuming that they told him that they would not deal with his crap and set him straight as he was pretty quiet and reserved – not the Taaffe we all got to know. What do you think? Again thanks for sharing your thoughts as you are not alone!

    • I agree with everything you wrote. First, some general thoughts on Taaffe’s recent HLN appearances. The best thing ever was last night when Mark Eiglarsh called him out on his bullshit. Taaffe started the segment by slobbering all over Eiglarsh, telling him how great he is. Now, as it happens, I agree. I think Eiglarsh is the most intelligent and measured talking head ever to appear on HLN. He usually cuts right to the point. So Eiglarsh asked Taaffe if the defense attorneys had ever requested that he stop appearing on TV, because that is what he would do in their place. He basically told Taaffe that his commentary was inflammatory and unnecessary. Taaffe was crushed. It was 10 kinds of awesome, and I can only hope that it gives Taaffe a clue as to how the general public regards him.

      As to your specific question, I did see the behavior bureau segment. I’ll get right to the point: it made me sick. I corresponded with his son Vincent for some time before his tragic death last year. He and Frank did not have a good relationship; in fact, it could best be described as hostile. Vincent was thinking about changing his last name because he did not want to be associated with Frank in any way. I have considered re-posting some of the comments that Vincent posted here publicly, which I removed last year because I was deeply concerned about the family dynamic, especially after Frank came on the scene and ripped into his son. But Frank does have another child who has been devastated by the loss of two brothers, so I have to think about the potential for causing any more pain.

      Long story short, when Taaffe claimed to want to “protect” Zimmerman because he couldn’t protect his sons, I actually recoiled. Maybe in hindsight Taaffe feels that way, but if he really wanted to protect his son, he probably wouldn’t have said horrible things about him right here on this blog as well as in emails to me that I never posted. I am not saying that Taaffe does not feel a lot of agony over the death of his sons, but I suspect it’s more the agony of knowing that he can never repair the relationships that he destroyed.

  48. I have sat for ever reading about that Frankie Boy.What a joke he is.I think the tv needs to keep him off tv and lets just try and forget that racist He makes me sick i could throw something at him but i don’t want to break my tv. Thank you

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that Taaffe is ratings gold, in a car wreck sort of way. Therefore, I do not think he will be going away any time soon.

  49. John permalink

    Didnt read all the comments, but now that the facts are out and the jury is out, dont a lot of you feel like complete dumbasses?

  50. Frankie BoomBox permalink

    I am an old school pro bartender. Bartenders get the best pulse as to what people really think about current affairs.
    Everything you have commented on is dead on! You are so real. Let me opine. ….nobody knows exactly what happened. Aquited!!!

    • Bartenders get the best pulse as to what people who prop up the bar think of current affairs. That sounds about like Frank Taaffe’s crowd. It doesn’t surprise me that you agree with him.

  51. Frankie BoomBox permalink

    No probable cause!!!
    Email me please! Miss Ali is still hurting about racist white guys. Harriet Tubman & Luther King would slap her upside her head!
    By the way… Why haven’t u told these talking heads Zimmerman passed his lie detector test? -Frank

  52. Ted Lasky permalink

    His son are dead? A good beginning.

    • I think Frank Taaffe is the world’s largest douchebag. I still wouldn’t wish his kids dead, especially because I got to know Vincent through this blog.

  53. BEULA permalink


  54. BEULA permalink

    All people want is to be treated equally GOD created everyone in his love and no race is above the other nobody is better. we all eat sleep have fun breath everything we are the same just different colors that is how GOD wanted it. and for Frank Taffee and George Zimmerman and family and friends you all know George murdered Trayvon and you know who the best and only witness is and also who the JUDGE is GOD he saw it all and revenge is his. He knows everything from begining to end. So George is not getting away with anything
    all those defense witnesses were paid by the defense so they all LIED and they too will be judged

  55. BEULA permalink


  56. frank your 15 minutes of fame were over a long time ago by the way why are u speaking for that man is he that illiterate that he cant speak for himself put your white hood back on and do what u do best and that is spewing crap if Zimmerman is not guilty why are u still on every tv show trying to make the the world think he is not of course u are makinking money off the death of a child but I think
    you are taking it too far

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