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Vaccinhaters: The LeRoy 15 tics were NOT caused by Gardasil. Period.

February 6, 2012

The data are in folks, and we can now say with 100% confidence that the tics of the young women in LeRoy, New York were NOT caused by HPV vaccine. How dare I make such a statement? Well, because the data have been released by the New York State Department of Health. You may read the report with your own peepers if you like (1).

The report includes more details on the investigation than have previously been released, including the methodology employed for assessing the potential contributions of HPV vaccine, infectious etiology, and environmental influences. But for this post, we are going to discuss HPV vaccine only, because anti-vaxxers refuse to give it up despite the complete lack of any supporting evidence whatsover.

Regarding methodology, it is noteworthy that all of the 12 young women released their medical records for review by the health department. Therefore, the procedure employed for this investigation eliminates the chance that the women had simply forgotten that they had received an HPV vaccination and therefore failed to report it.

Let us first look at the number of the original 12 young women who reported tics and who were vaccinated with Gardasil. Of these 12, only 7 had received the vaccination. Therefore, the concept that Gardasil caused the symptoms in all 12 young women is quite simply impossible. We can discard that theory. Further, as has been mentioned here before, if Gardasil itself caused these symptoms, simple common sense reveals that it would be exceedingly unlikely that these events would be confined to young women in LeRoy, NY.

But others have suggested that there was a vaccine hot lot that only affected LeRoy, NY, which several of us discussed after my previous post on this issue (2). It was already unlikely that there was a hot lot, because the odds of it only landing in one area of one town were vanishingly small. Now, with the data in, we KNOW that there wasn’t a hot lot. Take a gander at the Table below. It is a reproduction of Table 1 from the report (1), showing details about the 7 young women with tics and who had received Gardasil, with dates of last dose and time from last dose to onset of symptoms. The first thing you will notice is wide variation in the times when the Gardasil was received by the young women. Given these dates, it would be unlikely if not impossible that all of these ladies received the same lot of vaccine. We can now exclude the hot lot theory.

In addition to this information, the Table also indicates that there are no supporting data that indicate a temporal association between vaccine receipt and symptoms. The time from last vaccination to symptoms ranges from 1 year to over 4 years, not including the young woman whose symptoms started before her last HPV vaccination.


# of Gardasil Doses

Date of last dose

Onset of symptoms

Time from last dose to onset



2008 2011 3 yrs, 4 mos



2010 2011 1 yr, 6 mos



2008 2011 3 yrs, 4 mos



2011 2011 Onset prior to last dose



2010 2011 1 yr, 5 mos



2008 2011 3 yrs



2007 2011 4 yrs, 4 mos

In summary, I have a message for anti-vaccinators specifically: GIVE IT UP. There is simply no longer any way for you to twist this story to suit your agenda, though I will undoubtedly be amused by your attempts to do so. Instead, why don’t you send a Facebook message in support of these young ladies and tell them you are pulling for them?



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  1. The nail in the coffin on this nonsense, I hope.

    • We can only hope…somehow, I doubt it.

      • Rule number 2 of anti-vaxers: “Never admit you’re wrong.”

        Rule number 1? “If it happened after a vaccine was administered or around a person who is vaccinated, no matter what “it” is, it was caused by the vaccine. Period.”

        • Rule 3: If anyone presents scientific proof that counters your beliefs, they are making buckets of money from Big Pharma.

        • Chris permalink

          M, did you file a VAERS report and applied to be compensated at the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

          Also, can you provide a scientific explanation why a few polysaccharides grown in yeast can cause Tourrette’s Syndrome, and what kind “natural” treatment costs a hundred thousand dollars?

          And finally, why do you expect us to believe your fantastic tale without any actual evidence?

        • My daughter got tourettes from HPV gardasil. After her first vaccine she came home from school begging me not to force her into getting next 2 shots. She says she felt like an electrical shock from head to toes, and also a warm feeling in her body. Then she felt very weak and everyone around her sounded like robots. Health nurse called me and informed me that my daughter got weak but not to worry and to make sure she took other doses…so we convinced her that it was important. Now we look back at dates vaccines were given to her after first she would repeat herself in aa low voice, second the blinking and hand tics after third whole boby jerks. We have chosen the natural approach to treat her 100,000.00 $ later she is doing well which I thank God for daily and all the amazing natural Dr that have guided me!

  2. Simon Clendon permalink

    Wishful thinking. Obviously the vaccine reacted differently in each girl so took longer to manifest. The other non-vaccinated girls (I wonder why they weren’t vaccinated?) clearly were infected with the shedded viruses from the hot lot from these 7. See? Simple. Mind you, I could only do this “logic” by standing on my head in a full moon…but it is possible.

    • Well done, Simon! If only your wonderful satire wouldn’t come to fruition…

      • Graffiti Moon permalink

        You are shockingly arrogant. Tourettes, Tics and Autism are all linked to heavy metal poisoning/neutotoxicity. Not only is one of the ingredients Aluminum, there’s also rat poison and sodium borate–a chem that causes developmental & reproductive toxicity. Have you looked into this at all? Do you have any teenage daughters? Do you read? How can you possibly just formulate an opinion without ever having done the research and say “GIVE IT UP.” WTF? Give up what? Truth….seeking it? You are wrong….you are simply another arrogant American male who truly believes his pompous opinion is a reasonable facsimile for truth–it is not. Simply believing every Government study makes you naive. Would you believe Al Capone if he says “seriously, I’m not guilty–there’s a report.” Come on–please grow up, actually do the research. Don’t just pick a side, and decide your right. Facts speak louder and ring truer than your self-centered opinion.

        • I find none of your statements well-informed, compelling, persuasive, interesting, or helpful to a discussion of what happened in LeRoy. But thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful evening.

  3. JayCee permalink

    Now the focus has turned to the cash-up-front PANDAS expert from NJ, Dr. Rosario Trifiletti, who claims these kids all had either strep or mycoplasma infections and resulting PANDAS based on the results of his tests. The inquiring press, happy to play the “mystery illness” with a rogue savior on a white horse angle, will not ask how an unprecedented and wildly implausible cluster of PANDAS cases occurred in one place at one time, why it was that unaffected controls in the same school weren’t tested for similar titers and exposure, or how it is that PANDAS explains the documented non-physiologic/non-epileptic attacks experienced by a subset of the kinds involved whose EEGs were normal during seizure-like events (a gold-standard test for psychogenic/conversion symptoms).

    PREDICTIONS AND EDUCATED SPECULATIONS: A majority of these kids will get better on a combination of antibiotics and belief (but mostly vindication and belief) provided a face-saving placebo phenomenon. A fraction will be poorly responsive to antibiotics, get further testing deemed indicative of an “immune deficiency” and will be exposed to risks associated with IVIG or plasma exchange and/or complications associated with long-term treatments (line infections and such). And, this is the real tragedy, a subset with really problematic psychological/psychosocial etiologies for their conversion disorders will have been provided yet another impediment to proper treatment and recovery, in large part due to media exposure, and in some cases due to the fact that the family member who are now their vocal and heroic crusaders were likely significant contributors to their actual problems.

    • Thanks again for your always-insightful comments, JayCee. I mentioned Dr. Trifiletti in the update to my first post on LeRoy, because I was completely taken aback by the hubris of the statements he made before he even saw any of the LeRoy patients. That type of thing does not speak well of objectivity in his methods.

      Perhaps not surprisingly, I think you are totally on target with your predictions.

  4. Meryl Dorey has just linked vaccines to the tics again, at least 2 full days after this knowledge became public.

    Terrible person.

    • Wow, she’s something, ain’t she? I’m glad that the Aussies seem to be making strides in shutting her down. Kudos to you! And if my reader reads this, please check out Reasonablehank’s blog. It’s a work of art…and science.

  5. SBK permalink

    According to a story published in Yahoo News on Feb 6, 2012 ( the CDC admits that Gardasil caused “some of these symptoms.”

    • Do you have a scientific reference to back that up? Because the statement in the article you linked is vague and difficult to interpret. It reads:

      “Parents had their daughters tested for illness, genetic issues, infection, food allergies and reactions to vaccines, particularly Gardasil. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Gardasil, an HPV vaccination often given to adolescent girls, has caused some of these symptoms. No etiology could be found.”

    • The news article does not say that the CDC said anything specific about those girls. Nor does it quote the CDC directly – it simply links to the Gardasil safety page as its evidence. I’m not sure what on that page the news article thinks implies that Gardasil “has caused some of these symptoms,” unless they are referring to the “fever, dizziness, nausea, and fainting” mentioned on the CDC page, that are known to be occasional side effects of the vaccine. One or more of those symptoms have probably occurred in the LeRoy girls, which I believe is what the news report is implying. That the vaccine has caused those symptoms before – not that it caused anything in those girls.

      I’m not sure that what I just wrote makes much sense, but I tried.

  6. Brainteaser permalink

    Have I heard right 103 deaths? If vaccines were as safe as they suggest why would there be any?

  7. Shaliza permalink

    Great post, Skewed! I forwarded your site URL to my medical colleagues who are sick and tired of all this anti-vaccine nonsense, and they are really enjoying your writings and logical reasoning. Where science meets common sense… indeed! :)

    Regarding the HPV vaccine, I recommend it for all my male and female teenage patients. Most parents are happy to have them start the series of shots at the 11-12 year well child visit. I find it amusing and thoroughly entertaining that many of those who refuse the shot, then call back weeks to months later freaking out and demanding the shot, since their goody goody teen is not so much anymore, and had unprotected sex. I make the most of these visits to not only educate and encourage protected sex, but to also administer the vaccine. Sure it’s better to have the teens vaccinated before the onset of sexual activity, but such logic doesn’t work for the vaccine haters. No… it’s only when they realize that they’re kids are at risk (unprotected sex, multiple partners and all that jazz), that they call my office and raise hell about wanting the vaccine and wanting it NOW.

    Medical Practice nowadays is constantly a lesson in patience and not losing your own sanity amidst all the misinformed chaos. Sheesh!

    • Thanks for spreading the word about my humble blog, Shaliza, and thanks for all of your awesome comments. I really enjoy hearing from clinicians.

  8. peteuk82 permalink

    O.K I’m from the U.K and have just watched the documentary and done my manadatory google searches!! Hearing various opinions – I must say I leaned towards the vaccine as being relatively believable and thought about ‘bad batch’ being possible. I assume that’s what ‘hot’ means! Although this data seems to work at shutting up anti vacc campaigners (I assume there will be a bunch who will not see reason ever, much like religious nuts) Rememeber there are very intelligent, balanced science nuts also – Anyone heard of the big bang and associated theories! – I understand what you’re saying I think the data is weak however when viewed with a different viewpoint.
    I have to just throw one line of thought into the mix…How many of the 12 girls were lying and how many were affected, for example I belive the older lady that was affected could be lying and some of the girls could have been attention seeking or doing it with some other agenda in mind? If we cross referenced the results with the girls that actually recovered would we find that all the girls still with symptoms e.g the one who was shown to be heavily sedated but still suffering from tics be one who has had the vaccine, maybe had it recently or possibly with the likelyhood that it could feasibly be from from the same batch? I would like to see the girls who still have the symptoms be tested sufficiently (sedation seems a good test) And then cross referencing that result with the dates and times of the vaccination. In summary my view (could change) is that not all girls were probably affected neurologically, external factors e.g infection from external source probably needed to be investigated by a wider set of non partial, non bribable organisations e.g one’s not in the USA and non US doctors would be useful in the diagnosis of the girls i.e no hidden agenda, worry of career suicide! Also that the vaccine theory under further scrutiny of the girls that are actually truthfully and proveably affected could be a viable explanation along with other infection / contamination theories. Just throwing it out there to the people that are still open minded and not overly extreme in their opinions! I think the article and results are solid, but just don’t quite prove as much as claimed. If we have girls who have strong symptoms that are proven to be uncontrollable and clearly caused by some neurological trauma, that have not taken the vaccine or have taken it at very different times, say a long time ago then I think the article will absolutely do what it says it does and these people will have to ‘shut up’

  9. peteuk82 permalink

    I guess what i could have just said was.. what if the people who were not vaccinated and a couple of the one’s in your data that make the data seem unrelated to the vaccine be the ‘tag alongs’ that were lying, atttention seeking, hoping for money one’s!! I just wish I had seen more tests that prove the girls were really afffected and then drawn your data study from that. i.e if the data set you draw from is flawed the data coming out can’t be relied upon fully. Maybe I’m overthinking it! I’m sure the girl I’ve seen on youtube is not faking it but lets check back in 20 years when they’re magically are better or have been ‘hushed’ to say I have Lymes disease to the tune of $1,000000 in some offshore account! All I know is published info. and really thorough,impartial investifation seems really scarce considering it is an interesting phenomenom.

  10. peteuk82 permalink

    o.k scraP my posts i’ve read your site and comments on the other related articles, I’m way out of my depth! Why consider a vaccine to be the cause if there’s no evidence to support IT could cause these particular symptoms. I see how quickly, relatively intelligent, thinkers can become unwittingly extreme viewatarians! Especially with a dash of personal bias and a pinch of disposition to the excitement of there being a conspiracy at play! Another day where atheism just seems to be the right path AS THE THINKING MANS CHOICE!!!!! I will continue to read this site with admiration, providing it remains based on unquestonable, flawless data and evidence. RESPECT.

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